May 29, 2011

An Inconvenient Weiner

A hacked image or not, I decided to take a closer look at the image that was definitely posted on Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter feed to a young coed.

Two things strike me and they may not mean much, but who knows where this will go. Firstly, a screenshot of the image in question:

I then took the liberty of cropping the money shot from the above screengrab and brightening the image to see if anything between the model's legs or just to the right of the model would be enlightened. In both cases, we learn something.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

1) Here we see a third leg in the picture. Or, rather, a fourth leg. What we see between the model's legs appears to be the leg of a desk chair. If so, our model likely stood up from his hacker control station and snapped his willy right there. This chair could be as innocuous as one found in any number of home offices, or it could be one used to sit at a desk in a congressional office.

2) This is infinitely more interesting, but also more obscure. What we see could be wires or cracks in the floor. Remember, we see a chair's leg, so we are looking down. But I can't help but think it is something else:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's not entirely clear, but I see either a young farmer wielding a scythe, or a tricorn-adorned flagwaver. Is there patriotic tile or a rug in Rep. Weiner's office that can explain this figure? I've tried finding interior shots of Weiner's office and only come up with him sitting at a desk in what looks like an office chair. If it turns out that 2) is only wires on the ground, we can safely assume that they are standard black or dark brown wires, and their contrast with the floor implies the hacker's floor is beige in color, likely carpet. A dark wood or dark carpet would not contrast as sharply with these 'wires'.

Considering the tweets in question were made in the evening, and that Rep. Weiner hoped to watch a hockey game, if Weiner did send the photo himself, he likely did so from home. I have found a picture that shows navy blue carpet on the floor of Rep. Ron Paul's office. While that doesn't mean all congressional offices have blue carpet, it is just an additional push toward believing the photo was taken in Weiner's home office if he is the model.

What does this add to the #weinergate story?

* Our model stood straight out of his DESK CHAIR (likely in an office or at a computer) to pose.
** The pic was taken in a room with a CREAM OR BEIGE FLOOR:
a)Possibly a rug with humanoid figures
b)Possibly carpet or stone with wires (maybe to a laptop)

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  1. at least he was wearing descent underwear ... regards from the netherlands