October 26, 2010

A Cell Phone in 1928 Chaplin film?

***UPDATE - VIDEO ADDED 10-27-10 9:35 p.m. Eastern***

Proof of Time Travel?

From Mediaite:
"...the internet has been buzzing about video footage that appears to show a woman talking on a cellphone…in 1928. The footage is from the premiere of Charlie Chaplin’s film The Circus and was spotted by Belfast filmmaker George Clarke."

I have a couple of theories:

1) Sadly this genius was run over by a carriage just moments later, killing him and destroying a new device his apprentice would swear to police allowed them to communicate.

2) The notion of mobile communication was already dreamt of, especially in hip and brilliant circles like Chaplin’s must have been, so they pulled the greatest gag in gag history knowing someday they would tear the fabric of comic timing.

October 17, 2010

Election 2010: Press Sec. Gibbs' Technical Assertion

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs appeared to defy logic by asserting to "Meet The Press" that Democrats were going to maintain control of the House and Senate, but his remarks were not those of a lunatic after all. In a mousy, pedantic way, Gibbs merely stated the obvious - Democrats will retain the House and Senate until January, whether they win the election or not.

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Once we look at his statements from this perspective, it's clear Gibbs is not a deranged telepath but a messenger - with a warning.

October 14, 2010

Sharon Angle vs. Harry Reid Debate

Sharon Angle won me over tonight. No one is going to push this woman around. She spoke forcefully, if unevenly, in defiance of just about everything Reid had to say. Once she hit her stride, every issue was tackled with a zeal that can only do good things for Nevada and the U.S. Senate. She goaded Senator Reid to 'man up' at one point, followed by her peak of the evening discussing Yucca Mountain and nuclear waste and energy. Having not followed her saga at all this year, I was very glad to see that she has fire, and her free-market instincts for explaining why insurance companies shouldn't be required by Congress to provide for mammograms were just right. She should get help in the polls from this performance and should be well on her way to winning the election. I wouldn't be surprised if Harry Reid has trouble sleeping tonight.

October 4, 2010

Proof the Ground Zero Mosque is Peaceful

Like every American, I know that people are free to build places of worship in accordance with local laws and ordinances and that people in this country have that right whether I believe it or not. But any concerns we have about the motives of the GZM appear unfounded, though, as demonstrated by the first renderings of the proposed facility. If the developers of the project are willing to offer Americans a fraction of the inclusivity they offer to Israelis and Jews throughout the building's facade, then we are going to get along just fine.

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Credit: Associated Press

At first glance the presence of multiple Stars of David is plainly obvious, but I decided to trace some of them and maybe find a collective meaning. There were many to wish upon so I was careful only to trace intersecting triangles that produced hexagons with parallel lines. I may have gotten greedy in the bottom left corner but they are certainly implied. Those are in blue. The green was only used to differentiate between overlapping blue Stars of David. The red was used to trace implied or explicit hexagons that do not have intersecting lines.

What emerged were five bands or pillars of SoDs, with a single SoD hanging above. The top pillar appears to be crumbling through the pillar below, as if collapsing from the light of the SoD in surrender. The scattered SoDs between each pillar could signify every pillar is crumbling.

But whenever I think of pillars crumbling, I think of walls crumbling, too. Divisive walls. Walls with no holes to reach through and foster peace. Where else do walls that divide us fall but where pillars provide us?

Credit: Associated Press

(Below: click for larger size)

Credit: Associated Press

There are plenty of 5-point stars in the design as well and I will explore their significance in a future update, along with another theory I am exploring.