May 14, 2011

Ground Zero Mosque: Communist/Islamist Collusion?

About six months ago, I examined the artist's rendering of the proposed Park51 facility (previously known as The Cordoba House, a.k.a. The Ground Zero Mosque or GZM) and found an interesting pattern of hexagons emerges:

At first, I came to the conclusion that since the top pillar seems to be crumbling, it is highly unlikely that Muslims would create a building with the 5 pillars of Islam crumbling. So we are left with the 5 pillars of Christianity crumbling (which remains a viable theory). That is where I left this particular theory about 6 months ago - until a couple of weeks ago.

I watched a minute or so of a Sarah Palin speech at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin. A companion video showed the union counter-protest just outside the forum, and a sign that was being waved struck me:

The Solidarity Fist, or Commie pond scum fist as I call it, has been ubiquitous lately in most leftist rallies. I have seen it countless times in the last several months keeping up with the events in Wisconsin but it never meant anything more than communism to me. This time, though, instead of just seeing the pond scum fist, I saw 4 1/2 pillars. I immediately rethought my entire pillar theory, and instead of seeing the top pillar crumbling, I saw the top pillar CURLING and decided to trace the 'crumbling' pieces of the top pillar and re-paint the facade. The result is startling:

Side by side:

It's worth noting that the pond scum fist isn't upright or upside-down but angled appropriately for a pounding.

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