October 14, 2010

Sharon Angle vs. Harry Reid Debate

Sharon Angle won me over tonight. No one is going to push this woman around. She spoke forcefully, if unevenly, in defiance of just about everything Reid had to say. Once she hit her stride, every issue was tackled with a zeal that can only do good things for Nevada and the U.S. Senate. She goaded Senator Reid to 'man up' at one point, followed by her peak of the evening discussing Yucca Mountain and nuclear waste and energy. Having not followed her saga at all this year, I was very glad to see that she has fire, and her free-market instincts for explaining why insurance companies shouldn't be required by Congress to provide for mammograms were just right. She should get help in the polls from this performance and should be well on her way to winning the election. I wouldn't be surprised if Harry Reid has trouble sleeping tonight.

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